“MOTG Call Emergency!”

It’s one minute to 12 and the clock is ticking fast. With growing political tensions across Europe and again large numbers of new refugees arriving on Lesvos daily we are about to hit a new humanitarian crisis if we don’t act now!

Project EMERGENCY OLIVE GROVE will raise €500,000 of funding by June 1st 2018. By using this funding and our existing ‘Camp to CampUS’ philosophy, Movement on The Ground will improve the inhumane living conditions of more than 1000 people outside Europe’s most infamous refugee camp Moria, in the Olive Groves.

With this project we aim to support both our displaced fellow humans and the local Greek community by creating an environment of Dignity for all.

Friends, help us to stop the clock before the bell rings!

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“Do something good: turn yourself in and go to prison!”

Have you ever passed a high security prison and wondered to yourself, what does that place look like inside? Daunting concrete walls, iron bars in front of closed windows and a well-guarded entrance. Somehow you never managed to peek inside, no matter how hard you tried.

Well, we have exiting news! Out of all of the prisons in Holland, the most notorious one recently opened its doors; THE Bijlmerbajes. Now Seven days of the week you can go for a coffee, a bite to eat, sitting in the former laundry station, or wander around the inner prison courtyard. Not only that, Movement on the Ground takes that experience a quantum leap forward (further?). From August onwards you can sleep in one of the prison cells! Obviously you’re super thrilled already, but stick with us for the very best part; the refugees staying at the neighbouring towers in Asylum Seeking Center (AZC) will run the hotel. So while your swept away in your own prison experience, the men and women serving you are being trained for fixed jobs in the capitol’s hospitality industry.

So, do something good: turn yourself in and go to prison. Book your cell now at ‘The Movement Hotel Bijlmer Bajes’ and support this project!


  • From Refugees to Hotel Employees


“Kara Tepe’s heartbeat.”

What’s more fun than meeting friends to see a movie, to listen to music or just joke around? Those joyful moments probably define more who you are than your daily job does. So what’s a village without a place to meet others? Exactly. That’s why we financed and constructed a Community Centre in Kara Tepe refugee camp. It’s pleasantly shady in summer and cozy and warm in winter, but most of all, it’s a welcoming social hub where kids can play with each other, where people meet up for a cinema-night or dance away with songs from home. We believe building this community center is providing a powerful source of distraction, empowerment, stress-relief and community building. For that reason we are proud to say this community center is the heart beat of refugee camp Kara Tepe on Lesvos.


  • 200 people spend time in the community center each day
  • Every Saturday we host a movie night
  • Each week we host a women’s activities
  • Children’s activities are held daily in the Community Center; arts and crafts, reading books, writing, playing games
  • We are collecting books to create a library within the Community Center


“We believe employment is one of the most powerful tools for integration and empowerment. ”

In The Netherlands Bijlmer Bajes was notoriously known as the highest security prison of the country. Since the closing of the prison in 2016 it has temporarily been turned into a transit living space for newly arrived refugees in Amsterdam.

We believe that successfully integrating refugees into their new environments, in a motivating, uplifting way is an integral part of their journey. For this reason, Movement on The Ground partnered with The Refugee Company, to help connect newly arrived refugees to jobs – because we believe employment is one of the most powerful tools for integration and empowerment.

In our collaboration at the Bijlmer Bajes, Movement on The Ground has helped facilitate a coffee corner with help of Bocca Coffee and Intratuin, a rentable event’s space, a bar in collaboration with Heineken and a restaurant.

The aim for all of these initiatives is both bring activity, light and life to the space as well as to offer residents a training platform to develop their skills to find employment in The Netherlands.


  • This project seeks to employ 90 people by the end of 2018


“In the Movement on the Ground soccer arena every boy or girl shines like a star.”

Who doesn’t dream about being the next Ronaldo or Messi? Being far from home probably makes that dream a little less realistic, but we want kids to have dreams and hope. As part of this wish, to preserve dreams, we have created the opportunity for boys and girls to run around, kicking a ball with big smiles. Our coaches, both volunteers as well as refugees, train using the F3 methodology, which was provided by Street Football World (UEFA) whom have financed the running of this years football program. This methodlogy brings out the best sports has to offer; an opportunity to socialize with other kids, release stress and surplus energy and forget reality for a little while. In the Movement on the Ground soccer arena every boy or girl shines like a star!


  • 150 boys and girls get coached to play football each week
  • 4 training sessions a week, 50 children in each training session
  • Training takes place on professional soccer pitches
  • Life lessons such as fair play, equality between sexes and learning and improving above winning are some of the main lessons taught by F3


“The Giving Food Truck can provide up to 10.000 meals per day.”

Thinking of a food truck you probably imagine two hipsters grilling burgers in the back of a decorated van. Well think again. The Giving Food Truck is one of the largest professional mobile kitchens in the world! We can cook up to 10.000 meals per day! To add healthy and nutritious food to the daily camp menu Movement on the Ground drove the truck all the way from Holland to Lesvos. Right from day one our voluntary cooks have been roaming the Mytilini markets to support the local economy while preparing the food side-by-side with the residents of the island.

The Giving Food Truck has been one of the very first initiatives of Movement on the Ground and it’s still one of the most important projects we have done so far.


  • The meals provided are focused on using local nutritious whole foods
  • The meals created in the food truck use ingredients that are familiar to the camp residents so that they can feel a little closer to home
  • We involve camp residents in the cooking which allows them to make the food they like to eat. This connects us to empowering and bringing back dignity to the people living in the camp, allowing them to make their own food, instead of being given food already made.


“Power to the people.”

If you come home at night you probably switch on the lights without thinking and while asleep you charge your phone for the next day. Just try to imagine if that would no longer be possible. It’s not that easy is it?
Electricity is so much more than a glowing light bulb. It provides access to computers and smartphones connecting refugees with the outside world and their families. Streetlights make women feel saver when going to the toilet at night and kids are able to study and read after sunset. The Movement on the Ground solar panel project has been set up to bring power to the people. Using the sun as the source of energy the panels fit perfectly in our strategy to build up a sustainable and self-sufficient camp.


  • 146 euro covers the cost of power for one family (home) for 1 year, this means approximately 12,50 euro per month!
  • By installing solar panels we not only provide light where otherwise there would be darkness, but we are also providing a sustainable source of energy!

Digital Learning Lab

“Empowerment through technology!”

Technology changes everything! Computer skills and knowledge are often required in order to find a job, to communicate, and even for fun. That’s why we started ‘The Digital Learning Lab’. The DLL is a safe space in which the residents of the campUS learn new skills and have access to resources to start a new life.

At the DLL, residents in Kara Tepe campUS learn valuable computers skills that will allow them to be employable where ever their lives take them and keeps them in touch with family and friends all over the world. The most exciting workshop is our DLL Work Team which immediately registers residents in online micro jobs allowing them to earn an income anywhere they can access the internet and not be solely dependent on aid. This is how we empower our residents to take control of their futures, starting here and now with our support.


  • Each week provide classes to over 150 residents and weekly skills-building workshops
  • Special ‘Women’s’ classes encourage equal access to Computer Science education
  • Camp residents learn skills to find online work and access to the resources to complete the work on their own and earn income
  • Residents learn basic computer skills starting with the names of hardware all the way to designing their own programs