So, you are interested in volunteering with us, we are very grateful to you for this!

Currently we need volunteers on Lesvos Greece to help us with our projects in a refugee camp, we also need helping hands in The Netherlands with local initiatives.
These questions are designed to help us understand what role is best for you in our volunteer team!
For us the most important part of volunteering with us is flexibility, patience, team player, open-mindedness, positive attitude, and financial independence.

Quick check: do all 3 of these points apply to you?

– Are you 21 years old or older?
– Are you financially independent (you need to cover all your own costs from transport to accommodation to meals)?
– Are you available to volunteer for at least 2 weeks in a row?

ONLY if all 3 points apply to you, you are eligible!

Do you have a question about volunteering? Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions or send an email directly to [email protected]

  • What time frame are you available to volunteer (start end date)?

  • *Please note that we only accept applications for the earliest of 3 months in advance due to changing conditions on Lesvos.
  • *Please note that we require a 2 week minimum of time to volunteer with us.
  • If you are applying to volunteer with us on Lesvos; which project do you wish to join and why? Which of your skills would help you in this specific project team?

    *MOTG expects you to cover your own costs.
  • * Because working as a volunteer with refugee's can be emotionally and physiologically heavy we ask that you inform us if you are currently or have previously been seeking mental/psychological help, either by visiting a professional or by taking medications. This information will be kept strictly confidential, but will help us better manage and relate to our volunteer team members.
  • * Disclaimer: Please understand that the situation on the ground is ever changing and this means we (this includes you) have to be flexible. This means that although you may have chosen to join a specific project we ask that you are open to working on other projects, to meet the needs of the camp and our work. Your personal information will be kept private, it will not be shared with third parties.