We are a group of independent business people, creatives and companies who each in their own way was touched by the crisis and were called to action. Whether it was in the national debate in holland about the effect of the crisis locally, or the immediate response to the arrival of refugees at Amsterdam Central station, or because of experience first hand by visiting Lesvos, all of us were called to do more and give more.

Through social media we were able to connect with those on the ground and build a relationship with the groups working to ensure safe passage on Lesvos. Our personal networks were ignited and we saw that where there was a direct need, we could often supply a direct response. This simple act of giving inspired us to think bigger. We went to Lesvos and will continue to have a presence on the ground through the winter.

In november we were, as a collective, able to donate much needed items to help winter proof some of the transit camps on the island. We donated lights, heaters, tents, crowd management assets as well as items to support the medical and search and rescue teams on the coast. The jewel in the crown for the winter proofing of lesbos is the donation of an industrial grade food truck able to provide hot meals to thousands of cold and tired people. 

With these successes in mind, we now aim to maintain this momentum through a fixed presence on the island to gather information combined with a platform for donations of goods from around the world. We aim to maintain the food truck through out the winter, aid in the support of micro charities at every level of the passage and to inform a greater audience about the efforts by people like us on the island.



Isabel is Project Manager for Movement on The Ground since January 2016, overseeing a wide range of projects.

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Nina Schmitz joined Movement on The Ground in September 2016 after being the Managing Director of the non-profit

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Stephanie Rueb-Fairbank joined the Movement on the Ground team as Project Manager in January 2016.

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Laura Jansen is an award winning Dutch/American singer songwriter and humanitarian

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Adil Izemrane is a real estate developer who has founded and been involved in several companies and initiatives.

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Johnny de Mol is a dutch actor and presenter. He has been active most of his life with charitable endeavours.

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Dylan Ingham has over 25 years experience crafting communications for some of the most respected brands.

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Charlie Macgregor is CEO of The Student Hotel, a company with strong core values...

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