Earthquake Response

Current Campaigns

We are building a hospital in North West Syria, in the Afrin region, which can be up and running within a month after we reach our funding goal.

Because of the close connections we have built over the years with the Syrian community, we feel obliged to act and support the people who are affected by the earthquakes. After consulting with local organizations and assessing the needs on the ground ourselves, we are starting a multi-year support mission, providing needs-based support in the border region of Syria and Türkiye.

Campaign goal

A medical centre in NW Syria / Afrin district has been damaged, leaving the extended community without proper medical facilities. We are raising funds to build a modular hospital, that can be up and running within a month after we hit our funding goal of €2 Million. 

We have secured 97% of that goal already, but need your help to fill the gap. 100% of your donations will go to building the much-needed hospital. 


“Located between Afrin and Janderis subdistrict, the Hospitainer will be accessible for around 1.5 million people, 35% of them being women and children.”


“The hospital and all its equipment is in stock. When funding goal is reached, we can be operational within a month.”

Team on the Ground

During the first days in Gaziantep, Türkiye, we focussed on connecting with local organisations, authorities and actors, like Independent Doctors Association (IDA).  


“We need your help to provide the people in a camp who have been here for over 10 years, with a full-fledged hospital. Providing surgeries, medical- and pediatric care.

We were also able to travel across the border into Syria, where we went to the Afrin region and visited one of the many camps.  

We are currently talking to local organizations, authorities and actors to further assess the short and long-term needs and necessities. We feel compelled to commit to a multi-annual response, assisting existing organizations, and aiding both hosting and hosted communities in rebuilding their lives.


"IDA and MOTG are joining forces, but we need your help to make this mobile hospital a reality."


“Millions of people were displaced and over 50k dead. These numbers are completely heartbreaking, but for those who want to make difference, they can be galvanizing.”

Long-term solution

We keep working with a group of local connections and actors to stay on top of the most urgent needs. We see, that many of the currently affected people were already living in a terrible situation before the earthquake, and we want to make sure that there is a long-term and sustainable improvement of their situation.


After 12 years of war, the total number of internally displaced people in Syria has accumulated to around 6.8 million. According to UNHCR, today, over 47 per cent of Syrian refugees in the region are under 18 years old and more than a third of them do not have access to education. The risk of ending up with an entire generation lost is immensely high.

The earthquakes came on top of the existing crises. In Türkiye, the impacted areas are regions where a lot of  Syrian refugees were living and were already extremely vulnerable. People inside Syria were confronted with more misery and pain. The slow and minimal international humanitarian aid is heartbreaking to see and we feel obliged to act. 

We have just returned from a mission to the affected areas in North Western Syria and Türkiye, after witnessing the levels of devastation first-hand. It left us lost for words, yet also more driven than ever to act.