Take The Cold Out Of The Camps

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Winter is coming, and it’s time to retreat inside to the warmth of our homes. But for thousands of children, women and men living in camps on the Greek islands, they are set to face another winter without the essentials they need to survive it. This is no new phenomenon either. Every year, winter proves life-threatening for thousands of displaced people. Living conditions get tougher. Warm clothes are hard to come by. Limited options to heat your shelter. A lack of warm community spaces to gather.


This winter, we need to be more aware of our privilege! Most of us will never know what it is like to survive winter in a refugee camp, but we at Movement On The Ground believe you can do something about it. Join us in action, as we dare to take the cold out of the refugee camps on the Greek islands. How? By challenging you to go without your coat for one day this winter. In return, we will do all we can to winter-proof the camps on Lesvos, Samos and Chios.


To raise €300,000 to winter-proof the camps on the Greek islands. This includes thermal clothing, boots and raincoats, emergency blankets and tarps, warming of community spaces, continuation of tea points and coverage of extra, high calorie food.


So you want to go outside without your coat? Create your action page using our mobile donation service (Netherlands only):

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Finally, it's time to embrace the cold. On the 21st December, the shortest day of the year, go without a winter coat for at least one day. You can level up your challenge by going for more days without your coat and asking your network to donate more. Don't forget to share your challenge on social media using the hashtag #embracethecold.

As you’re busy raising money and completing your challenge, Movement On The Ground will be putting your donations to good use and winterising the camps on the Greek islands.