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  • Help us in the summerisation of the Olive Groves outside of Moria camp and protect the livelihood of thousands of people this summer ☀️ | details on our #linkinbio . Warmer weather and longer days are on their way in, reminding us that summer will look a little different this year... . We face greater restrictions on travel and more precautions around where and how we socialise. There will be no festivals, fewer nights out and more limitations on how we enjoy the summer sun. But we can still find comfort in the fact that we have the freedom to leave our homes and access our basic needs. . For the thousands of men, women and children living in and around camps on the Greek islands, there summer looks similar to the ones before. Filled with sun-related threats to their health and wellbeing, plus the lingering fear of a potential corona outbreak. That’s why we want to play a role in changing the story of summer for this population, and we want you to be a part of it. . We might not be able to splurge on summer adventures but we can spare a little on summer essentials for those in need. Things like mosquito repellent, sunscreen, fans and shading. Items that we often take for granted but hold the power to save lives. . Head to our #linkinbio to support the summerisation of the Olive Groves outside of Moria camp. Give the people that live here the opportunity to thrive this summer, not just survive. . #summerisation #covid19 #dignityforall #summer
  • This #FortunateFriday our shout out goes out to Sophie Streeting, co-author of the new Movement On The Ground cookbook titled ‘Melting Pot: Cooking with Refugees and Locals on the Island of Lesvos’. . Since 2018, Sophie has travelled to Lesvos three times in support of our mission at Movement On The Ground. During her second visit to the island, Sophie realised that if you speak to people about food – be it local Greeks or camp residents – people light up and open up. . Inspired by this experience, Sophie returned earlier this year to #Lesvos with photographer Nikos Kokkas and journalists Barbara Gigilini and Nikoleta Makrionitou to start working on the Movement On The Ground cookbook. “Food is such a vital part of people’s identity. [Creating this book] has made me realise that the comfort of cooking and sharing your favourite food can give you a sense of belonging,” Sophie explains. . We are so thankful for the time and energy that Sophie has channelled into creating this beautiful collection of stories and recipes from all people on Lesvos. If you would like to receive a notification when the book is published, head to our #linkinbio for details. All profits from this incredible book will be donated towards our mission towards dignity on the Greek islands. . #togethertowardsdignity #food #recipes #cuisine
  • Do you remember that summer day coming home from the beach or lake with bright red skin, rather than a golden tan? . Sunburn is often an easy avoidance with a little help from a hat and sunscreen. But for the residents living in the Olive Groves outside of Moria camp, sunburn can be sinister, connected to sunstroke and dehydration. . That’s why we've created the #summerisation family pack for sun safety, filled with sunscreen, mosquito repellent, hats and a refillable water bottle. This summer, our goal is to provide 1,000 families with this essential package. . Help us protect parents and give children the freedom to play in the sun in the safest way possible. For just €25 you can purchase a family pack. Head to our #linkinbio for more details. . #togethertowardsdignity #summer #sunburn #protection
  • Everyday we are reminded that amongst the disparity of this crisis lives hope and humanity. . We witness the determination and resilience of parents who continue to care for and stimulate their children. . We watch children play, learn and grow. Discovering new ways to express their creativity and inventiveness. . We see diverse people and cultures working together to regenerate a sense of community. Striving to create spaces where tolerance and understanding can thrive. . It is these examples of true hope that continue to give us energy. Keep us motivated. Keep up moving. Keep us working towards dignity for all. . #dignityforall #hope #camptocampus . Photo: @alishamseddin_
  • This is Giorgos, a #Lesvos local and incredibly talented baker. . Giorgos has his own bakery on the island, with #baklava serving as one of his signature bakes. That’s why we chose to support Giorgos’ business during this year’s Ramadan. . Over the past month, Giorgos baked over 2,000 pieces of baklava a week for the fasting Kara Tepe community. And just this weekend, he prepared 8,300 pieces in support of our Eid-Fitr distribution in the Olive Groves outside of Moria camp. . We are so grateful for Giorgos’ dedication during the month of Ramadan – his efforts helped to provide food for many people after long days of fasting. His heart, compassion and hardworking nature truly encapsulates the spirit of the Lesvos community. . #togethertowardsdignity #Ramadan #EidMubarak
  • #EidMubarak | After a month of fasting, prayer and reflection, those of Islamic faith in our community now mark the end of Ramadan with Eid al-Fitr, or the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”. . For many of our resilient residents of Kara Tepe and the Olive Groves, Eid al-Fitr serves as one of the most significant celebrations of the year. And in support of the symbolic end to Ramadan, we joined forces with @because_we_carry to complete an extra distribution of healthy and tasty food to the residents of both camps with support of our beloved @chooselove . It was beautiful to see – for one final time this month – the power and impact of these kinds of distributions. The smiles it brings to peoples faces and the gratitude it brings to peoples hearts. . This year’s Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr has taught us that when we step across barriers and share significant cultural experiences, we strengthen bonds and our shared sense of humanity. . #togethertowardsdignity #EidMubarak