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  • #Love has the strength to overcome obstacles and stretch across borders. . We at Movement On The Ground have made the conscious decision to channel our love towards the refugee population on Lesvos and Samos since 2015, but today we are choosing to channel our love, our compassion and our empathy towards the local Greek communities on Lesvos and Samos. Today, these communities are our chosen #Valentine’s. . We have always worked together closely with the local #Greek population and we have always tried to put their needs and wants on high priority. But sometimes, the needs and wants of this resilient and culturally rich community are overlooked. . So, this Valentine’s Day, we want to remind the Greek communities that we work with and work alongside that we see you, we hear you and we will continue doing all that we can to involve you and make you feel supported. . For more information about our mission, how we work with the local Greek community and how you can support our holistic, people-centric approach, head to our #linkinbio. . #valentinesday2020 #dignityforall #togetherwiththegreekcommunity #camptocampus
  • Last Tuesday evening, we at Movement On The Ground hosted an inspiring event filled with insightful presentations and panels, stimulating conversations and authentic art and culture in Amsterdam titled, ‘The Unveiling Of Our New Movement’! . Present on the night was a beautiful blend of MOTG founders and office staff, long standing Movers, donors, new faces and of course, our dedicated ground team. . The goal for the evening was to energise and enlighten all attendees with our ambitious plans for the future, rolling out our #CampToCampUs-model across #refugee camps around the world – and we are pretty sure we did! . On the night and in the days following the event, we received some amazing contributions in the form of funds, people power and partnerships, and we would like to extend our appreciation to all those who have pledged! . But never fear; if you weren’t present on the night you can still invest in the future of our organisation. Head to our #linkinbio to make a donation or for more information on how you can be a part of our mission. . #DignityForAll #TheFutureOfMovement
  • Zone 8 Construction Update! 👷‍♀️💪👷‍♂️ . We are a few weeks into our construction of Zone 8 – a new zone in our Olive Groves outside Moria camp that is set to accommodate residents in dire need of a stable and safe living environment. . We are pleased to announce that construction is going smoothly and rapidly. We have even been able to source our very own ‘Gravel Guard’, a small, yet powerful protector of the newly laid gravel in Zone 8, who keeps it safe under his watchful eye. . To read more about our progress and when you can expect a completed Zone 8, head to our #linkinbio. . #CampToCampUs #DignityForAll #GravelGuard
  • “What are you looking at, man?” . “He is trying, with the strength he has left, to collect some of this gravel that is destined to be the land for his new home (tent).” . “I have not found enough words to explain the depth of hope this man holds for tomorrow.” . Words and image: @alishamseddin_ . We at Movement On The Ground are working to bring hope and dignity to residents like this man pictured. Please join us on our journey by lending your helpful hands or donating. . 🙏🧡 . #camptocampus #dignityforall
  • A shout out to our visiting #volunteers! 🙌 . They play a key role in helping us improve the living conditions of the people residing in and around camps on Lesvos and Samos. . Our visiting volunteers are nothing shy of #determined, #hopeful and #hardworking. They come to work everyday ready to put their helpful hands and full hearts to good use. . Alongside their hands and hearts, our visiting volunteers also bring in necessary funds that help to cover the costs of our ground activity – and we are often blown away by their fundraising efforts! . To read more about the impressive fundraising our visiting volunteers do, and how you can also join in on the efforts, head to our #linkinbio! . #camptocampus #visitingvolunteers #helpfulhands #dignityforall
  • What an honour! 🤝⚽️ . Today, our dear friends and partner, the @cruyfffoundation, visited our Olive Groves outside Moria camp on Lesvos. . Late last year, we, together with the Johan Cruyff Foundation, applied for a grant from the @postcodeloterij which resulted in an award to build three sporting courts (two on Lesvos and one on Samos) and continue our sports program for the coming years. . The impact that has resulted from this grant is the reason why the Johan Cruyff Foundation visited us today. It was a great honor to also welcome Susila Cruyff, the daughter of Johan, who is not only continuing her father’s legacy but also fulfilling the foundation's mission of providing sporting opportunities for hosting and hosted communities. . We are thankful for the Johan Cruyff Foundation's support and alongside them, we are looking forward to bringing more #dignity, #support and #relief to the people on the Greek islands. . #camptocampus #sportforall #football #dignityforall