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  • Are you a jack of all trades? A talented handyman/handywoman with experience in construction work? We need you! We’re currently working day and night to prepare Samos and Lesvos for winter but need all the extra expertise we can get. With your talents you can help get hundreds of people a warm(er) place to sleep during the cold period that lies ahead. Send us your application to We are currently looking for a few handymen who can help us out with technical work around the campUS's asap!
  • What do you do when a heavy storm is approaching and there are thousands of people residing in summer tents in rural olive groves, knowing that without pallets and tarps, those tents will not stay dry... . Those times require action, therefore @because_we_carry @betterdaysngo @helprefugeesuk @ohfcommunitycenter @refugee4refugees @attikahuma @msfgreece and ourselves joined forces by carrying out a mass distribution to secure tents to the best we can. TOGETHER we managed to distribute and install 2000 pallets, hundreds of tarps and hundreds of meters of rope in just under a week. In one of the largest winterization operations so far on the island of Lesvos, involving at least 40 volunteers including residents from the refugee community, 15 coordinators, and 12 vehicles from different organisations, we were able to provide to the most vulnerable 400+ families relief in desperate times. We are so proud to work alongside the organisations mentioned above and are grateful for all your support to make this happen. MOTG #TogetherTowardsDignity Photo credits: @photolgaphy
  • October 2019 - We stand up in desperate times Exactly 4 years ago we set foot on Lesvos compelled to act after the drowning of little Aylan Kurdi who was on his way to the island but never made it. The picture that shocked the world was the starting moment for Movement on the Ground and our pledge to do whatever is in our power to bring dignity to those in need. Looking back on all the efforts and achievements today could have been a special moment and milestone yet it is again a remembrance day. We therefore take this opportunity to make an announcement that we hope will shine some light in these dark days: As of today MOTG has started officially conducting an emergency response operation to all the thousands of people living unprotected in the neighboring Moria camp olive grove fields. As we worry for the loss of more lives due to the inhumane conditions we feel obliged to take this responsibility on our shoulders when people face desperate times. Following our project in Olive Grove South where we host more than 700 people we will expand our same Camp to CampUs” approach to more than 4000 people in the other olive grove parts. This is done with the official approval of the authorities as they acknowledge such intervention is necessary. Though stretched in resources we have a plan for our biggest endeavor to date. We will be needing all the support we can have, for today we renew our 4 year old pledge of bringing dignity to all no matter what it takes. MOTG - Together Towards Dignity
  • Moria camp today. What we were so afraid of happened. Inside Moria a fire broke out due to electricity short circuit and with great sadness at least two deceased have been confirmed. Our thoughts in the first place go towards the families and relatives but right now our team on the ground is working hard to respond to the emergency. Unfortunately we can’t say that we are shocked. Over a month ago we rang the alarm that the situation in and around Moria was extremely worrying. And today, despite all our efforts we regret is was in vain. We continue our mission as we are here to serve the people but we realize more than ever this situation needs a system change.
  • What an amazing day! Today 111 children together with 40 parents had the chance to play, laugh, have fun and exchange life experiences. Our program teaches Humility, Effort, Ambition, Respect and Teamwork (HEART). The children learn those values through activities and try to apply them in their daily life. Parents said their children have changed. They are more calm and respectful. Today they played all together, from the youngest to the oldest and enjoyed the games.
  • World Peace Day ❤️ World peace. A concept that seems so abstract when you keep seeing boats arriving on Lesvos and Samos and people living in overcrowded camps in rough conditions. Yet, under these circumstances, we also see so many beautiful examples of humans understanding and helping each other that we remain hopeful. In Kara Tepe and the Olive Grove our residents, volunteers and staff are proving every day that with hard work, mutual understanding and love, World Peace is still a possibility. Never stop trying.