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  • In Greece, kite flying is more than just an activity, it’s cultural tradition that signifies the beginning of Nistia (νηστεια), the 40 days of fasting before Greek Orthodox Easter, and it’s a tradition that really unites families during this time. . Our partnerships manager Eleni who was born and raised in Greece has fond childhood memories of every year, crafting the perfect kite together with her family. They would always make it as colourful as possible and then challenge themselves to fly it as high as they could. “The tradition tends to pass from generation to generation, but now we witnessing how the tradition spans from culture to culture," she explains. . On Lesvos, kite flying is a favoured ritual in Kara Tepe and Moria camp, mainly because many of the residents living in these camps were born and rasied in Afghanistan, where kite flying is also cultural tradition. “It’s incredible phenomenon to witness - different cultures celebrating the same ritual, it's so powerfully connecting. And what's even more amazing, is just how creative you can make kite crafting, children using old bags to create a kite and adults, like me, challenging each other to see who can fly their kite the highest,” Eleni says. . And while we often think that tradition prevents movement, the art of kite flying proves that tradition actually holds the power to connect and unite. . #kiteflying #traditions #greekculture #afghaniculture #unity
  • Wow, this is so heartwarming! 🙏❤️ . We are happy to announce that Dutch charity, Take Care of your Neighbor,have fulfilled our remaining financial needs for our emergency foodline in our Olive Grove campUs. . We are so grateful and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And on behalf of our resident volunteers, we can’t wait to get started and moving! . #togethertowardsdignity #camptocampus #letsgetmoving
  • HELP US BUILD AN EXTRA EMERGENCY FOOD LINE! 🍊| DONATE NOW -> details in our #linkinbio . Please help us build an extra emergency food line and feed an additional 1,500 residents in a safe, hygienic and dignified way. . The current foodline located inside the walls of Moria camp has become increasingly more chaotic due to the tensions of #COVID19. That’s why we recently decided to relieve some of the food line-related pressures by introducing a new distribution point in our Olive Grove campUs. And now, we want to double our impact by building an extra emergency food line in another zone, a project that will be designed, constructed and fronted by our resident volunteer team! . And this is where we need you to step in. Please help us to make this plan a realisation. We need your help to raise €2,000 for food line building materials in order to improve the lives of an additional 1,500 residents in a safer and more hygienic way. Head to our #linkinbio for more details and be sure to write FOODLINE in the remarks when you donate! . #togethertowardsdignity #camptocampus #foodline
  • “Reza is one of my brothers from Afghanistan. Among one of the first ones to come to work and for sure, one of the last ones to leave. Tireless, hard working and always seen with a smile on his face.” – Maria, Olive Grove campUs registration manager. . When he isn’t fronting the food line, resident volunteer Reza can be found assisting with our waste management program, constructing new shelters in the Olive Grove campUs or paving the way for new construction projects. . But what makes Reza so special is not so much the work he does but how he does it - always with his fellow residents wellbeing top of mind! . And what does Reza have to say about working for us? Well swipe across to find out! . Head to our #linkinbio to support our mission that Reza helps to execute everyday! . #togethertowardsdignity #residentvolunteers #camptocampus --
  • WE DID IT! 🎉 | This morning our emergency transport arrived on Lesvos filled with essential goods for the residents and workers in and around Moria camp and Kara Tepe. . This transportation comes at critical time and we are so grateful to our partners @christianrefugeerelief for making this possible. The dedicated NGO decided to channel their energy into helping the remaining NGO’s that are still able to operate in the camps on Lesvos. This not only includes us, but also @stichtingbootvluchteling, @eurorelief and @because_we_carry. . The essential goods inside the transportation includes; clothing, gloves, masks and fire extinguishers as well as medical and hygiene goods that are of great need amidst this coronavirus pandemic. . It's been so energising to witness the realisation of this initiative. It’s proof that when people, groups and organisations come together so much can be achieved and great impact can be accomplished! . Head to our #linkinbio to read more about this initiative and make your contribution towards getting more essential goods to Lesvos! . #togethertowardsdignity #camptocampus #solidarity #unity
  • The love, support and donations that we receive from you, our Movers, mean so much to us and to communities that we care for. That’s why, we’ve decided to start using Friday’s as an opportunity to share some of the most inspiring initiatives to come from of our MOTG community. We’re calling it #FortunateFriday. . This Friday, our shout out goes to three students from Nijmegen, Max, Lisa and Joris. Last Thursday evening, we received an email from the three friends, which detailed an initiative they started in order to raise money for MOTG. Looking for a way to give back during the #coronacrisis, Max, Lisa and Joris decided to go door-to-door selling oranges to the people of Nijmegen. And as you can read in their email, their inventive idea was a huge success! . We are so grateful for Max, Lisa and Joris' amazing donation, but more so for the kindness and compassion they have shown towards the residents living in camps on the Greek islands during this challenging time. . Want to know more about Max, Lisa and Joris’ initiative? Or perhaps you want to start your own? Check out our #linkinbio! . #togethertowardsdignity #camptocampus