Strategy and Operations Manager NL

Movement On The Ground is ready for an ambitious and hands-on Strategy and Operations Manager who believes in the transformative power of building strong communities. If you are resilient, prepared to navigate challenges, and eager to lead initiatives that contribute to a better world, this opportunity is for you. If you align with our dedication to the Camp to CampUs approach and possess the qualities to enhance our impact in the Netherlands, welcome to our team!

Our Vision

A better world starts with building better communities.   

Movement on the Ground

We are an entrepreneurial NGO founded in 2015 on Lesvos in Greece. At the core of all our missions stands our Camp to CampUs approach. Following this approach, we build a community, together with (camp) residents. Not for them, but with them. With this approach we stimulate the social participation of newcomers and sustainably facilitate social & local integration within a community. 

Since 2022, in collaboration with COA, we have been implementing our Camp to CampUs philosophy, starting initially at AZC Cranendonck and Boxtel, and since October 2023 at Huis ter Heide. Various projects and activities, including a tailoring workshop, beauty salon, sports, music classes, and art, are run to engage the residents in community-building initiatives. By involving the residents of the community to our activities, we make them feel empowered and we give them the chance to use their time, skills and knowledge to make the community better. Additionally, we offer them the chance to acquire new skills that will enhance their prospects of finding employment in the Netherlands.

Curious about our Camp to CampUs approach?

Watch the following video:

The Role

As the Strategy and Operations Manager, you will play a pivotal role in driving the growth and impact of Movement on the Ground in the Netherlands. Your responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum, including both strategic and practical involvement on the ground, such as active participation in the programs, coaching and mentoring team members, initiating discussions with municipalities and COA locations, establishing new sites, managing stakeholder engagement, overseeing resource allocation, collaborating closely with the support office team, identifying new opportunities, and handling documentation and reporting. In our organization, which values a horizontal structure, directness, and a proactive approach, you will be at the forefront, embracing a can-do mentality and fostering an entrepreneurial culture. Your core responsibilities include:

  • Municipality Engagement: Initiate contact with municipalities across the Netherlands, exploring opportunities to implement our Camp to CampUs philosophy in more locations;
  • Location Exploration: Identify and evaluate potential locations for expansion, considering the suitability and alignment with our mission;
  • Proposal Writing: Develop compelling proposals to present to local governments, outlining the benefits and impact of our programs;
  • Paperwork and Compliance: Manage all paperwork and compliance requirements associated with establishing new locations, ensuring adherence to regulations;
  • Operational Management: Work closely with our Camp to CampUs representative to efficiently run new locations, actively overseeing the day-to-day operations, logistics, and collaboration with external partners;
  • Team Building: Together with our Camp to CampUs representative, recruit and lead a team, creating a positive and efficient work environment;
  • Stakeholder Communication: Act as one of main contacts for stakeholders, including local authorities, potential partners, and other relevant entities;
  • Contract Negotiation: Handle contract negotiations and agreements, ensuring all legal and operational aspects are addressed.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Hands-on approach and willingness to actively engage in all aspects of the role;
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in Project/Location management;
  • Proficiency in Dutch and English language;
  • Experience in engaging with local governments and navigating bureaucratic processes;
  • Strong communication skills and ability to effectively engage with stakeholders;
  • Proven ability to roll up sleeves and work hands-on to get the job done;
  • Possession of a driver’s license;
  • Ideally, knowledge of the Arabic language;
  • Ideally, background or experience in the event industry or humanitarian field.

What we offer you

  • Meaningful Impact: An opportunity to contribute significantly within the Dutch asylum domain, making a positive difference in the lives of others;
  • Flexible Contract: A one-year contract, ranging from 32 to 40 hours per week, with potential for extension;
  • Autonomy in Time Off: We endorse a culture of responsibility. Rather than counting your vacation days, we trust your judgment to decide when you need time off to recharge;
  • Competitive Compensation: A competitive salary reflecting your skills and dedication to our shared mission;
  • Prompt Start: Your journey with us begins promptly, giving you the opportunity to quickly engage in the impactful work we do;
  • Diverse Work Locations: Work from various locations across the Netherlands, knowing you always have a stable spot waiting for you at our Amsterdam office for meetings or when you choose to work from there.

Ready to join?

Are you excited after reading this job vacancy and can't wait to start? We would love to meet you in person. Please send us your CV and cover letter at your earliest convenience, ensuring it reaches us no later than February 20, 2024.

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