Barca Foundation (FC Barcelona) Football Program

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Being far from home is difficult for everyone, especially children. We want every child who migrates to Lesvos to have a safe environment in which their hopes and dreams can be flourished. As part of our wish to preserve hopes and dreams, we have created an opportunity for boys and girls to run around, have fun, and smile.

“Football (FutbolNET session) is for me like a school where you are teaching us how to be a good person” - 8 year-old boy on Lesvos

Our coaches, both volunteers as well as refugees, bring something more than just a ball to the field. With FutbolNET methodology provided by Barca Foundation. Through this methodology, we can offer children life-scenario lessons where we discuss values such as respect, teamwork, effort, ambition and humility through sports like football, basketball, handball, and volleyball. Some of the most important effects that this program is giving are: to be a moral and honest person, to respect the environment and to implement gender equality.

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