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Once you are no longer fleeing you stop being a refugee. Once you have nowhere to go, where ever you are becomes your home. That does make sense, right? But still we have the tendency to call men and women refugees while they are already building up a new life. Movement on the Ground does not speak of a camp but of a village and, like everywhere else in the world, we call the person living in the village a resident. It might be just a matter of speech but the ideology behind these words embodies our Camp to Campus program. 
Just like any other community we want the residents to have a place to meet each other, to have education, to have health care, to have nutritious daily meals, to have sport facilities and to have a centre for arts and music. On top of that we are aiming to make the refugee camps sustainable, self-sufficient and innovative for instance by cooking with local ingredients and installing solar panels.
Okay, by now you’ve probably sensed we’re being quite ambitious. That’s right, but you didn’t even hear the best part: we want our Camp to Campus philosophy to be the blue print for any refugee camp in the world! We will use all our expertise, experience and resources to make that happen.

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