Restoring dignity through clothing

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"When little normal things happen in the middle of a crisis, they are like diamonds" - Laura Jansen

This striking quote of Laura, one of the founders of Movement On The Ground, truly applies to our resident and volunteer-run clothing store. Every three months, everyone is welcome to pick out new pants, sweaters, jackets, and shoes for the season to come. No more size XL? Our tailor will make sure you go home with the perfect fit. Sounds pretty normal right? That’s just what we’re looking for.

Dressing in 'normal' clothes is one of the first steps to self-dignity, we believe. So in this “store”, it is possible for residents to pick out, and wear, the clothes of their choice and size. Because who doesn’t like to look good?

To help us maintain such projects and contribute to our Movement you can donate or volunteer on Lesvos for a minimum of 2 weeks!

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