24.04.2021: The day we hoped would never come...


It is with a heavy heart that we announce that early this morning the first steps of the closure of Kara Tepe started. Though this was long pending, the sudden happening has overwhelmed us.

Since the first ministerial announcement, we have been hoping and advocating for all residents to have found their wished-for destination before the closure of Kara Tepe would be a fact. Today, we are broken to understand that our dear residents are being moved to the new temporary RIC Lesvos.

We strongly believe the vulnerable community of Kara Tepe has the right to a better and more dignified ending than the one that is being given. It is a hard reality to swallow but an even harder one for the people to endure. 

As fellow human beings, we will stand by and support these people as we have been the past five years, until the end and beyond. In Kara Tepe, in RIC Lesvos and on the mainland, to get them through this hard process.

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