A community volunteer story: Benedict


Meet Benedict, an energetic and dedicated Community Volunteer from Sierra Leone.

Joining the Movement On The Ground in April 2020, Benedict has been an active member of our #VathyCamp team.

Every morning, Benedict wakes up full of enthusiasm and shares his great sense of humour throughout the camp. His motivation is inspiring, approaching situations with a solution-based mindset and constantly looking for ways to improve the well-being of the team. He’s a community cultivator, with his relationships within the camp and our growing community volunteer team with great relationships he built to show for it.

Recently, Benedict received the news of his transfer to mainland of #Greece, where he now resides. His eagerness and passion to help continues to inspire, even remotely.

We wanted to let him and everyone know how much we appreciate his efforts and dedication. We are certain that wherever he decides to use all his energy and love, he will be bringing people together, as usual!
Good luck Mover!

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