A flooded Samos


Last week heavy rains reached Samos for the first time this year. We saw first hand that the fragile situation immediately turned into a disaster. The over 5.600 people who are currently in and outside Vathy camp (which only has space for 650 people), are all completely drenched.

The small tents are often leaking, resulting in soaked mattresses and people without any dry clothes or blankets. We are working around the clock to prepare Samos for winter, because the camp simply isn’t ready yet.

If this happens mid-winter, a life threatening situation will emerge. That’s why we need to act now, with your help. We need to provide immediate emergency aid, and need equipment to prepare Samos for the harsh winter months that are coming. That’s why we are taking action together with Stichting Vluchteling

Right now the people on Samos are in dire need of:

Tents: €25,-
Tarps to provide shelter: 10,-
Insulated sleeping bags: €15,-
Pallets to build a foundation for a tent: €35,- 

You can help by making a donation via movementontheground.com/donation. Thank you.

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