A message to the European Council...


The situation on the Greek borders has escalated to an unprecedented, volatile scene as Turkey opened its borders to thousands of refugees trying to cross borders and perilous waters, causing the Greek border control to take extreme measures to prevent people from fleeing into Europe/Greece.

Long, built-up tensions and frustrations regarding the EU’s neglect, plans for new, large closed refugee camps and a polarising migration policy have given way to extremist groups to erupt into aggression and hostility targeting local authorities, refugees, NGO aid-workers and Greeks in solidarity. Due to violent attacks on aid-workers, NGO’s have been forced to suspend their presence or humanitarian activities on the island of Lesvos. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

EU billions have been spent through established structures and on unsustainable agreements with third party countries, yet no impact has been made. Local communities have been neglected, refugee lives have been lost and polarising populism fuelled. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

For the past five years, Movement On The Ground has been leading by example to make an impactful, positive change on Lesvos whilst also witnessing the situation deteriorate for both the hosted and hosting community. Our continued outcries for a different approach to migration policy makers and solutions to unnecessary hardships on the islands have not been heard, and today, our worst predications have unfortunately become a reality. What once was an island of solidarity, with the people of Lesvos being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016, has now been taken hostage by a hostile minority that is conducting an attack on humanity. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Today, we reiterate our message to the European Council, 

“Europe’s refugee and migration policy is UNSUSTAINABLE and UNACCEPTABLE and THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE, IMMEDIATELY!”

For more information on what we at Movement On The Ground are doing in response to the current situation on Lesvos, please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager, Nathalie Meier, nathalie@movementontheground.com.

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