Christmas Tournament 2018


This year, we held the biggest annual Christmas tournament on Lesvos in 3 years! For the very first time, the Greek community joined us, and it is clear that this is the beginning of a good relationship between the two communities. This is a great accomplishment for us!

The sports tournament was held for over 300 children divided into three different age groups. The first group was for girls and boys from ages 6-9 and girls aged 10+. This group got to play sports games in big fields. The game they played consisted of 8 stations, and every 10 minutes they had to switch from one station to another. The games were super fun for them as they giggled the day away. Another big benefit of the tournament was that they got to play with new kids (from the Greek community) and make new friends.

The second and third group was for boys aged 10-14 and 15-18. Like the previous group, they got to play lots of winter games as well as participate in football and basketball matches. Since everyone is a winner, Santa gave them all gifts!

At the end of the tournament, children from both communities got a gift from Santa!
A special thanks to our incredible staff On The Ground who dressed as Santa for the day and brought the Christmas spirit to Lesvos!

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