Construction begins in Zone 8 of the Olive Groves


At Movement on the Ground, we are literally moving the ground!

Starting off the year of a positive note, today, we officially began construction in Zone 8 of the Olive Groves outside Moria camp. Today’s efforts involved digging up and levelling the existing ground, the process overseen by our technical coordinator Herman Van Der Hel. 

“We are doing this to create a more stable and dignified environment for the people who have been living in summer tents in this area,” says Herman. 

Herman is also overseeing the creation of the base for a new generator for this zone. “The residents asked what we were doing and when we told them about the new generator they were so happy,” Herman stated. 

Zone 8 holds a lot of promise and will help to safely accommodate thousands of residents who would otherwise be living in unstable shelters on muddy ground. 

“All of today’s efforts went really smoothly and we made great progress. So many residents were curious as to what we were doing and were excited about what the area will become,” Herman says. 

We will have more updates on the progress of the zone eight construction in the coming weeks so stay tuned! 

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