Covid-19 calls for a collective response


After months of stability and easing restrictions in regards to the coronavirus pandemic, Greece now faces a worrying increase in Covid-19 cases. Unfortunately, this spike signifies the ongoing threat that the virus poses on the livelihood and wellbeing of both the host and hosted populations of the country.

In response, the Greek government was quick to implement new nationwide restrictions – with a specific focus on the Greek islands – as a preventative means against the virus. 

As Movement On The Ground, we empathise with the threat and worry what this spike could mean not only for the already vulnerable people living in and around camps but the local Greek community. We therefore promise to continue implementing an intuitive and proactive response against Covid-19 for the communities we support on both Lesvos and Samos.

As we have done since the declaration of the global pandemic, we will ensure our response is shaped by the NEEDS of the people we support. We promise to continue:

  • Procuring and distributing essential hygiene goods such as masks and hand sanitiser.
  • Partnering with expert organisation to learn more about Covid-19 precautions and further spread this knowledge to those necessary.
  • Ensuring our coordinators, visiting volunteers and resident volunteers maintain the best health practices possible when interacting with camp residents.
  • Working closely with all relevant stakeholders to realise emergency services in response to the threat and demands that Covid-19 poses.
  • Equipping and preparing our resident volunteers in both Lesvos and Samos camps for a “Camp to campUs” situation, where they will have to conduct self-management of services and basic needs such as food distribution, waste collection and energy provision, with the remote assistance of MOTG staff.

Covid-19 does not discriminate, therefore Covid-19 calls for a collective response. We need to continue banding together to support one another against the threat of this potentially deadly virus. On Lesvos and Samos, this philosophy stands the same.

You can support us in our collectively effort to protect the host and hosted populations of Lesvos and Samos against Covid-19 by making a contribution to our mission. 


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