Emergency declaration of Moria hotspot


For the first time in the history of Movement on the Ground we officially announce an emergency state for Europe’s largest refugee camp; Moria hotspot.

With 10.000 lives residing in dire circumstances and with an average influx of 100+ people daily we urge for extraordinary measures including decongestion to the mainland. Lack of shelter, lack of medical aid and lack of protection are creating an inhumane and insecure environment for very vulnerable people including 600+ Un Accompanied Minors.

We continue our relentless efforts on the ground in support of Moria management providing first response. At the same time we urge the Greek government and EU member states to take immediate action in preventing further unfolding or escalating humanitarian emergencies.

As of the 1st of September 2019 all our efforts and resources will be directed towards emergency response as the lives, rights and well-being of the 7000 people inside Moria and the more than 3000 people forced to live unprotected in adjecent olive groves is threatened.

This is unacceptable to be happening in Europe!

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