Ernest and Yalla: Two artists bringing a whole new perspective to the Vathy camp


La vie en rose is not just a myth. It may be a long work in progress. A progress that leads to an achievement and together we achieve it by adding many more colours to it.

Ernest from Cameroon and Yalla from the Democratic Republic of Congo are two talented artists. After having settled down in the Vathy camp on Samos, they both realized that the camp lacks the warmth their artworks used to bring into the life of many who longed for it. So they stepped up to apply their passion, creativity, and carefully honed skills to illustrate whole other worlds around the camp.


All they needed was our help. We made sure Ernest and Yalla have all the canvases and paints hey require in order to bring to life these murals before the winter comes. Six murals bringing a whole new perspective to the 4300 residents of the Vathy camp. These paintings are more like windows into different worlds. An escape into worlds of their imagination. The artworks will be placed in different locations around the camp, reflecting the diverse experiences and tastes of the residents and their communities.

This time, it was THEIR initiative to transform the camp into a dignified campus. An environment that would soothe, at least for some time, the impatience of the residents seeking a place where they can feel at home. An initiative we would do everything in our power to support whilst helping these talents do what they love the most and develop their skills.

Every canvas is a journey by itself. Every canvas tells a story, in many colours and forms. From the Arabesque style to the Afghan expressionism indulging in vivid colours as well as the stylized realism of African art. That’s the story of the thousands of people in search of a new home and #ByThemWeStand.


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