Expansion of our Olive Groves: Zone 8 update


At the end of August last year, we declared a state of emergency for Europe's largest refugee camp; Moria hotspot. And just a few weeks ago, we announced that the state of emergency was unable to be lifted as living conditions in and around Moria camp in many ways has worsened. 

The influx of new arrivals and severe overcrowding of the camp has led to an increased pressure on people and facilities, and in response to these pressures, we have been working overtime to implement our Camp To CampUs model in the Olive Groves outside Moria camp. 

Our visiting volunteers working to build new tents in Zone 8 of our Olive Groves.

Since October, we have been able to dignify the living conditions for many camp residents, who were previously residing in unstable summer tents around Moria camp. We have sectioned off the Olive Groves into 'zones', and in each zone, we have been able to level the ground, build stable tents, provide electricity and install wash units.

Currently, we have been working on the construction of Zone 8. We started construction at the beginning of this month, and we are pleased to announce that progress is going smoothly and rapidly. 

"Zone 8 is part of our expansion in the Olive Groves and construction has happened really fast," Rosa, our Lesvos representative explains. "I'm super happy with the outcome of the work so far and the completion of Zone 8 will mean that hundreds of residents will soon be accommodated for in a more dignified way."

The promise that this zone brings has excited many of our camp residents, too. Over the past few weeks, they have been able to witness and take part in the construction of the zone. We have even been able to source our own ‘Gravel Guard’, a small, yet powerful protector of the newly laid gravel whose objective is to stop any alibabas in their tracks.

We are expecting construction to be completed in the coming week or two, and then it will be straight onto Zone 7, so stay tuned for the finished results!

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