Fortunate Friday: A special thanks to three students from Nijmegen


Everyday, we feel incredibly humbled by all of your supportive comments, heartfelt emails and compassionate donations. Without you - our incredible Movers - our mission couldn’t be realised. And especially during the most uncertain of times, your kind words and donations are even more appreciated.

That’s why, we’ve decided to start a new content series called #FortunateFriday. Every week, we will use Friday as an opportunity to share with you some of the most inspiring initiatives to come out of the MOTG community.

Just wrapped up an MOTG-focused initiative? Or perhaps you want to plan a fundraiser for us? Feel free get in touch and share your story! We always love to hear from our community and right now, we need you support and encouragement more than ever. 

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This week, our #FortunateFriday shoutout goes to three students from Nijmegen, Max, Lisa and Joris.

Last week the group of friends sent us the following email:

"To all the good people at Movement On The Ground, 

This is an email which might be fun to read if you are intersted in the stories where all the beautiful donations towards you come from (:  

We are three students from the city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We opted for doing something good (namely, supporting you guys), instead of sitting on our arse during this pandemic of Corona. 

What did we do?

This Monday morning we went to the local market, and bought a shitload of oranges (based on the 'orange' initiative of Because We Carry), which we sold from door to door. We put on some gloves (safety first), and of course kept good distance becuase of the virus. We sold the oranges, for 1 euro a piece, which are symbolic for vitamins and good health. People responded with a lot of enthausiasm and love. 

This amazing response made us eager to spread the word, and thus we went and took our idea online. With a compelling Whatsapp message we had a lot of succes. We never could have guessed that our Whatsapp message would reach that much people! The response has blown our minds. We are super proud to present our donation to you guys this evening, and we know that you will put it to good use. Thank you guys for the good work, know that it is appreciated by many. You are the hero's.

Much love and good luck with all future campaigns,

Max, Lisa and Joris"

When this email hit our inboxes, we immediately knew that we were sent more than ‘just a story’. We received the story of an energetic and meaningful initiative filled with great purpose. 

Max, Lisa and Joris have chosen to stand next to us during these challenging times in order help out a vulnerable population who need people’s support more than ever. And for this, we are so incredibly grateful.

We have now received the total funds the the three friends raised together and plan to funnel this money into the basic services that we run in our Olive Grove campUs.

Cover image credit: Joey O'Loughlin

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