Fortunate Friday: Drawings from Mare


Everyday, we feel incredibly humbled by all of your supportive comments, heartfelt emails and compassionate donations. Without you - our incredible Movers - our mission couldn’t be realised. And especially during the most uncertain of times, your kind words and donations are even more appreciated. 

That’s why, we’ve decided to start a new content series called #FortunateFriday. Every week, we will use Friday as an opportunity to share with you some of the most inspiring initiatives to come out of the MOTG community.

Just wrapped up an MOTG-focused intiative? Or perhaps you want to plan a fundraiser for us? Free free to get in touch and share your story! We always love to hear from our community and right now, we need you support and encouragement more than ever!


This week, our shout-out goes to Mare, an incredibly talented drawer who has been creating uplifting pictures for people stuck in quarantine. The special part of this beautiful initiative that she started is that every picture sale made, all the proceeds go towards our mission.

We caught up with Mare to learn a little more about how her clever idea to raise funds for a worthy cause came about.

What inspired you to start this initiative?

First of all, I live alone and being quarantined I found myself with lots of 'me-time' outside office hours. Usually, I am always keeping myself busy, crossing the country to visit friends and family, volunteering, sporting, and going for a drink or a dancing with friends. The situation we are all in surprisingly inspired me. It is an interesting paradox, isn’t it? While quarantined, we, humanity, seem to be more connected to others and to the rest of the world than ever before. We find so many ways to keep in touch, to help out each other, to stay connected.

I wanted to contribute to such positive momentum and inspire people to share their feelings, stay connected and help others, being nearby or 'far away'. I started sharing one quarantine drawing each day with my office colleagues as a way to keep up the morale. And then, people started to get enthusiastic about my drawings (funny!). I thought: maybe it could be a good idea to try and sell my drawings to people as a 'souvenir' of these crazy times! Maybe I could choose a charity and donate the proceeds. I didn’t know whether it would actually work. People actually wanted to donate, and then I got very busy. 

Why did you choose MOTG as the charity to donate your proceeds?

Unfortunately those who are less wealthy and lucky are hit the hardest by this situation. My heart breaks when I think of all the people that are experiencing the disastrous health, social and economic effects of this crisis. People dying, losing their loved ones, losing their job, and at times all they have so hard worked for. Humanity is one: I hope that this situation will bring us closer together when it comes to wealth, luck and equality. (I also hope that we would find new ways to define and measure wealth beyond monetary units). I decided to support MOTG because I want to state that we should look after each other. Always, but especially now.

How long have you been drawing for?

I have been drawing on and off since I was young, but, for the last say 20 years, I was always finding it difficult to find the right focus and time to draw. Such focus and time barriers, I realize now, are not that hard to overcome.

What kind of drawings do you create? 

My drawings are super small and simple. I like that. I don't have much patience so I want to see the final results quickly. I use a black drawing pen, markers/brushers and aquarelle pencils. I usually draw a character, a girl, with the same dress and features, and throw her in many different situations. I think she is a reflection of me sharing her feelings.

Mare’s goal for this initiative is to reach €1000! She’s just over halfway there, and has new requests coming in everyday. So if you also would like to purchase a quarantine drawing with a purpose, be sure to get in contact!

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