Fundraising match in Kalonis


Around 40 children, along with parents and coaches from our CampUs went to see a special fundraising football match this saturday. The match was raising money for a young 14 year old boy named Orestis, from Mytilini who needs to have surgery for a brain tumour, in Germany. Our Coordinator Tirza accompanied the families and coaches and gave us a summary from the day. 

"We left from Kara Tepe with more than 40 children, some parents and coaches. During the trip the children were happy to see more from the island. They asked questions about things that they saw during the ride on the bus. The Children enjoyed looking outside.

When we arrived in the field we went up to the tribune. One father from two girls, was in a wheelchair and the coaches carried him up to the place where he could sit. This was a nice example of humility and teamwork. We also had an 11 year old boy who is part of our special sports group come to watch the match with his mum, with children from the other sports groups. The match started at around 5.00pm. It was between Kosmos (a refugee team from Asian and African countries) and a Greek team. 

During the match, the children watched and gave their opinions on the football match. One girl saw someone fall down during the match, when nobody helped them, she told us about it three times.  Someone else said, 'Today we liked the blue team because they put effort. It was like we are in the TV and if I see this I want also to play. We understand now how to give passes and how to do teamwork. We learnt that we have to separate over the field. It was good that we were here to help the boy with cancer.'

Boys and girls were clapping, whistling and supporting BOTH of the teams. They showed a lot of energy and they really enjoyed it."

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