How do you promise to(o) help in 2021?


At the end of last year, we invited you, our loyal, caring and determined Movers, to join us in making a promise to(o) for 2021. We received a beautiful collection of inspiring promises to accompany our own. We can't wait to see and hear about the actions you are taking to fulfil these promises throughout the year.


  • Dedicate time to those who need it. - Angela Ursem
  • Follow your organization and support it and hopefuly you will not be needed over 5 years! - Babette Van der Duin
  • Come back to Lesbos and help the people that teach me a lot of things. - Nuria Ros
  • Build a bridge of compassion and dignity to bring back humanity again. - 
    Dieuwke Faber
  • Be there to help the vision of MOTG in 2021. - Hans Jansen
  • Keep my donation to you going, and be a nicer person in general. Speak up loud when I see things that we must not tolerate. - Desire Janssen
  • Continue organizing music and storytelling events to connect inhabitants with newcomers/refugees. - Conny Groot
  • Keep my eyes, my ears and my heart open, listening to everyone, the poor and the homeless especially. - Benet Haughton
  • Together with you, collect as many foreign coins and (also Gulden!) notes via all kinds of networks. To eurotise this via Muntenactie for your actions and activities. At least two thousand euros! - Toon Borst
  • Keep helping others in my work and private life. I will continue to work for peace, justice, equality, and physical and mental health for all. - Claire Boers
  • To use my company volunteering days for Movement On The Ground. - Navid Kamalzadeh
  • Support you with my money. Also I hope to come back to Lesvos to prepare breakfast for the refugees who live there in Kara Tepe and Moria. And I promise to help the refugees in Holland to find their way and build a future here in Holland. - Marjan Den Hertog
  • Stop thinking I can't change the world and start actively changing it in a positive way. - Negina Alemyar
  • I promise to come back to Lesvos to continue to stand up for fraternity and human dignity. - Emilie Givelet
  • Wherever I go, personally and professionally, to contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable society, to raise awareness of global issues of inequality and injustice, and encourage the spread of love, compassion, and constructive dialogue. I will continue to contribute to a better world within my personal sphere of influence, and inspire others to do the same. - Yvonne Janssen
  • Show the world that camp residents will make great neighbors when they reach their new homes. We hope to see our Family Portraits project installed across the Netherlands and the EU, offering a chance to see strong, loving camp families in a whole new light! - Joey O'Loughlin
  • Structure ways and make people happy by providing the oportunity to improve their skills! - Konstantinos VougioukasCheck out the rest of the promises we received on our social media channels!

Check out the rest of the promises we received on our social media channels!

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