In Kara Tepe, our Camp to campUs philosophy continues to help the community develop their skills and prepare for their future journey

"You are powerful, not thanks to your power, but because of your ability to empower others."
“You are powerful, not thanks to your power, but because of your ability to empower others."

In Kara Tepe, our Camp to campUs philosophy continues to help the community in developing their skills and be prepared for their future journey.  This, in an environment founded on safety, inclusion, sustainability and empowerment.

Keen on utilising art as a means to convey their ideas and thoughts, all they needed was the right place and material to do so. We, as well, are eager to look at the world from another perspective. Their perspective. Filled with resilience and positive aspirations. Last Wednesday, our Digital Learning Lab hosted the first drawing class attended by the community residents.

“Could you please play any piece by Chopin in the background?” asked an enthusiastic 15-year-old student. Chopin be it! With a special melody, we started our second drawing class this morning with six residents attending.

The children cinema maintains its place in this very community. Amidst the strict Covid-19 measures, the lack of visiting volunteers has brought some challenges to the children cinema program.

Over the last few months, the whole community stepped up, sparing no efforts in order to keep it up and running. With up to four cinema sessions this week, the children of Kara Tepe continue to enjoy their favourite movies and superheroes.

Though the big screen continues to impress many, some seemed more inclined toward new technologies such as laptops or tablets, and adapting to their needs is a must. Because whatever we do, we do it for and with them. 

In winter times, sports are just another form of entertainment. Those few hours under a clear sky or in a warm space, are a chance for the community's children and teenagers to go the “extra mile” in having fun and improving their physical and mental health. With warm hoodies for every participant and leggings for the girls, our Futbol Net sessions powered by Barça Foundation, as well as our SPACES program, remain in action despite the cold weather.

This week, Ehssan, a special child attending SPACES program, had a mission. A mission he stepped up to lead; making the game easier for Ahmad, another special child.

In less than an hour, together, they managed to build a magnificent castle out of all the Lego bricks they gathered. “We keep learning from these children. They inspire and empower us everyday”, said Konstantina, our Sports Program Officer.

On the other hand, new arrivals are proving more frequent across the Greek islands this winter. Last week, 65 children, women and men forced from their homes, arrived in Kara Tepe. Our team of community volunteers were there, to welcome each of them with a pack of winter clothes aiming to keep them warm during quarantine. The gratitude they showed was overwhelming. Though a warm welcome is what people on the move need in the first place, it is our duty and our mission to make them feel home, until they find the home they came looking for.

To them as well as to every resident, we reiterate our promise to remain on the ground for as long as we are needed. Together with and for the community, we will continue to strive. #ByThemWeStand.

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