In order to move and shake we must recharge and reconnect


At Movement on the Ground, we pride ourselves as being movers and shakers – all tasks can be tackled, (almost) all problems can be solved and all efforts will be taken to improving and dignifying the situation on both Lesvos and Samos.

However, all of this moving and shaking means the opportunities to recharge and reconnect with the people around us can often be limited, but when there is a chance to do so, we take it! 

“It’s always so heart warming to check in on our residents, to sit down with them, drink a tea and have a small chat,” says Ali Shams Eddin, our Moria and Olive Grove manager.

Taking the time to connect with the people around him – be it his co-workers or the residents – is as important to Ali as his practical, day-to-day tasks in the Olive Groves.

“They [our residents] are always so welcoming and warm hearted. These people might not have everything but they are very rich from inside,” explains Ali. “No matter how hard and challenging the situation is getting, these people are very inspiring and they find a way to make the best out of what they are faced with.”

For Ali, coversing, connecting and consulting with the residents, gives him the energy and motivation to keep moving and keep shaking.

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