In solidarity of those affected by the Australian bushfires


At Movement On The Ground, our mission has, and always will be, to assist innocent people forced to flee their home due to war, poverty and climate change.

Right now, our brothers and sisters in Australia are experiencing some of the worst bushfires in the country's history. The fires have spread from state to state, destroying everything in its path. Millions of hectares of bushland have been burned to dust, wildlife species are under severe threat and thousands of people have had to up route their lives in seek of safety, leaving everything behind.

We at Movement have decided we will not turn a blind eye to this catastrophe; instead we will stand in solidarity with the Australian people. It’s for this reason that we are sharing with you the following fundraising campaigns; some are being run by popular Australian figures, others by refugee councils from different parts of the globe. We ask you, our Movers, to dedicate your attention and funds to these campaigns.

From the bottom of our hearts, we send our love, strength and support to the Australian people.

The Refugee Coalition of Malaysia – raising funds to donate to the NSW Fire Service

Celeste Barber – raising funds to donate to the NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades

WIRES – raising funds to provide aid to the animals affected by the fires

Food Bank – raising funds to provide food to communities affected by the fires

One Tree Planted– raising funds to restore Australian wildlife post fires    

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