Johnny de Mol, our friend and founder embarks on a new adventure...

“I still remember those first moments on Lesvos. On the lookout for new arrivals. Waiting at the beach to help them to the shore. Offering them whatever we could give to make them feel safe. To make them feel welcomed.” - Johnny de Mol

Five years years have passed since Johnny de Mol first stepped foot on the shores of Lesvos. Since that moment he has shared his time between the ground and the screen, offering a helping hand and an active voice for people on the move. From day one, he developed strong bonds with the communities we support on the ground. He has never been afraid to get his hands dirty and always looks at the most challenging of situations with an optimistic outlook. And that’s what we love about him!

Now, it’s time for our dear friend and founder to journey on a new adventure, of which you will hear more in the new year. In taking these next steps, Johnny has decided he needs the time, space and neutrality to achieve this new goal. Johnny has always been such an energising and uplifting part of this organisation, and he will continue to be. We know he will bring this same attitude and outlook to his new project.

Once a founder, always a founder. Johnny, we are incredibly grateful for all you have contributed and we wish you the utmost success and happiness. See you soon, maatje!

To learn more about Johnny's work with Movement On The Ground, check out our webinar we recorded a few weeks back with three of our five founders.

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