Join the Movement - buy a bracelet!

"We're not here for the refugees, we're here for the refugee crisis."

Even though we're still a small organization, we're doing everything that lies in our power to respond in a humane way to the refugee crisis that's currently going on. We're disruptive, and focus on change. Join our Movement, and get yourself a limited edition bracelet to support us. 

Get your bracelet here!

Sustainable and stylish

The bracelets are made from recycled waste from the ocean because, as we said, we're thinking bigger than just the refugee crisis on Lesvos. And just as important for a bracelet, it looks good! 


The orange wristband is woven neatly. In addition to the design, the band has a solid fastening clip out of steel-like nylon. 

The grey color of the fastening is engraved with Movement On The Ground, and blends well with the orange Movement color of the wristband.

Join the Movement 

By purchasing an orange bracelet, you help us continuing our work and by wearing the bracelet you help raise awareness for this crisis, that is far from over. For which we can only thank you. 

So, seize this opportunity to look fashionable and change the world at the same time, and get your orange bracelet here!

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