Kara Tepe: The campUs where the community culture continues to blossom everyday

cultivating a sustainable community founded on safety, inclusion and empowerment.
Here, it all started with a clear mission; cultivating a sustainable community founded on safety, inclusion and empowerment.
Children come first. Our community volunteers have been focusing on creating an environment that enables the community's children to further develop their talents while having all the fun they want. In the last week, over 130 children have been watching their favourite movies in the campUs community yurt. Over 100 children - mostly girls - participated in the Futbol Net sessions powered by our partner Barça Foundation. They exercised, they ran, they played, under one sky, aiming at many horizons and holding onto a thousand dreams.

In Covid-19 times, also our local clothing store requires appointments. It hosted over 400 visits in the last two weeks where Kara Tepe’s residents made their selections out of the many items offered by our partners across Europe. Moreso, winter jackets, scarves, hats and winter boots have been distributed to all the residents. Including the 74 newcomers who are currently under quarantine.

Together with and for the community, we strive. With its children, men and women. In both the good and challenging times. Every individual is involved in every step that leads to collective happiness. Together, we create, transform and improve. Nowadays, in Kara Tepe, even the environment has taken a whole new dimension. Since a few months, most of the resident families have successfully managed to collect, separate and recycle all the waste properly on their own. A Waste Management initiative we have the Community Volunteers to thank for.

Another team of Community Volunteers whose mission is to secure and maintain the power for the people of campUs is currently busy cleaning all the solar stations. They’re also visiting the units one by one to verify the fuse boxes and waterproof them before winter.
We have a dream and it comes with a plan: transforming every camp that doesn’t meet the minimum living conditions standards, into a campUs where people on the move can safely prepare their journey toward a new life. #ByThemWeStand. Today, tomorrow and all the way till they reach the “better future" they came looking for.

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