Meet Adel. A highly skilled electrical power engineer in Kara Tepe campUs

"Sooner or later, the world will be a better place to live in. Challenges won't last forever.”

People on the move are those who were forced from their homes. Most of the times, a home they cherished with the ones they love. They travelled in quest of happiness, seeking the most essential human rights.

Meet Adel. A skilled electrical power engineer from Iran. He arrived on the Greek islands in hopes of a safer life and a better world. Dreaming of a successful career, in a land where every human being matters.
Today Adel lives in Kara Tepe campUs. He is one of the community's skilled, talented and dedicated volunteers. His productivity knows no limits. With a degree and a professional background in the Automation field, he joined the electricity and construction team in support of the community. “Maintaining this sustainable system is a must. It is, to me, a great example on how a temporary campUs must be”, he said.
"Adel is a very well skilled electrician. He is full of positive energy, helping the community in Kara Tepe on a daily basis by fixing electricity problems and servicing the generators. As part of the construction team he is constantly improving conditions inside the camp. And he always does it with a smile.” - Eric Verhaar, our field operations officer in Kara Tepe campUs.
“I dream of a world that is as warm and safe as in this campUs. A world that would welcome me and recognise my skills. A world where men, women and children are treated equally. A safe world, socially, financially and career-wise", he reiterated.
Adel would love to continue working as an engineer. This isn’t just his comfort zone but more of a passion he developed over the years. A passion he lead by skills and expertise. 

His advice to every human seeking a better life... "Educate yourself. Never give up. Sooner or later, the world will be a better place to live in. Challenges won't last forever.”

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