Meet Fatmeh: A young inspiring girl in Kara Tepe

"I always share my love with everyone. There is no point in keeping it for myself"

"I always share my love with everyone. There is no point in keeping it for myself" – Fatmeh, a young inspiring girl and sports coach volunteer in Kara Tepe.

Fatmeh is a 17-year-old girl from Afghanistan. With her mother, father and two brothers she joined the Kara Tepe campUs two years ago after having been forced from her home. Her dream is to become a space scientist and an astronaut. To explore every single aspect of the universe. To reach places that no one has ever reached before. Home to her is the whole world without any borders. Humanity is her nation. 

“Nothing can change who I am. I am and will always be myself " -  she told us. Alongside her English and Greek classes, Fatmeh has been following guitar and drums lessons with Connect By Music. This harmony between her interest in science and her passion for music tells us a lot about Fatmeh. About her determination to reach the goals she had set for the future without having to compromise on anything she loves. Because everything is possible.

Covid-19 restrictive measures within the campUs haven’t been the easiest for her. Nor for anyone who loves to share every moment with the community. As a volunteer sports coach, it has been difficult for her to keep wearing a mask during the sports sessions. But she did it for the sake of the ones she loves. For the community.She believes this is just a phase that we have to deal with, till it’s over. “There is no restriction on loving and caring while we wait. Till we can get closer again to each other," she reiterated.

Meanwhile, Fatmeh’s sense of humour and jokes are what’s keeping that smile we see on all the faces around her. Such an energetic and positive girl who would do anything to keep everyone happy in these unusual times. This is another example of the #CampToCampUs philosophy we’re longing for. Moving forward with a more dignified and loving environment for the people on the move. Not only because they deserve it but because it’s their right and everyone’s right to feel loved!

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