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Not so long ago, co-founder, Adil Izemrane, took the stage at the ACT event taken place at Thuishaven in Amsterdam. Adil talked about Movement On The Ground; who we are, what we do and, most importantly, why we do what we do. He explained what drives us as individuals, as an organization and how our approach can make a difference in everyday life.

Just like Adil, many of our MOTG members (founders and organizers) are available to do public talks. Whether it’s a University lecture, a TEDx talk similar to the one Laura Jansen did, an inspirational story for your business, or a public speech similar to Adil’s.

We’re a disruptive NGO, with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The co-founders, employees and volunteers of Movement On The Ground all have their own story to tell, which gives insight in growing an organization and not losing the act first mentality that characterizes our organization. 

Changing the game

We were, and still are, on Lesvos. We're dealing with the humanitarian crisis in front of us, and changing the game. Our hands-on approach is a nice addition to the NGO-game and our entrepreneurial spirit that makes a difference every day. 

We can give lectures about running an organization, but also on crisis management, and how we grew from a small group of people into a proper organization.

Who can benefit from out talks the most:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Businesses searching for more in life than doing business, and who are looking for inspiration.

If your organization wants to do press with us, you can contact us here

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