Moving families in the Olive Grove


The Olive Grove is an area in Lesvos where we are working towards building a community similar to our campUs Kara Tepe. We’ve been present in the area for over six months, to help deal with the overspilling of the Moria Camp. Though our CampUs is in full progress in Olive Grove South, the North of the area is not run by anyone. Conditions for people there as a result are challenging. Earlier this month, Olive Grove CampUs Site manager Ali explained to us how he moves people each week from the North, to our CampUs in the South, where life is very different for residents. 

Olive Grove North, it's difficult to live there...

...There’s no electricity, no footlights, constructions are made from scrap materials.  The people are living there illegally. Together with the site management team we work to create better conditions and safety for the residents of the Olive Grove South. There is a better community there, people try and understand each other, its peaceful. 

How we move people...

First, together with campUs management we find people to move, we take families or single men. 

With a team of volunteers, we break down the makeshift constructions where they are living. We keep any materials we can use. 

Then we clean and clear the area they were living. 

We move them and help carry their things to their new tent in Olive Grove South. 

We settle them in to their new tent. 

Settled into their tents in Olive Grove South, our new residents have access to wifi, bathrooms and hot showers, foot lights for safety when they walk at night as well as electricity and heating for their tents at night.

If you would like to contribute towards us achieving our camp to campUs philosophy in the Olive Grove, click here

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