Never underestimate the power of music

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.” – Brene Brown

Meet Ali Ahmad Amiri, the resident musical genius of Kara Tepe.

Last week, we caught Ali playing a brand new, crafted accordion outside his isobox. After taking the pleasure to enjoy his sweet sounds, we found out that Ali actually handcrafted the accordion himself! Not only that, it’s the second instrument he’s made during his time on Lesvos. Pretty impressive, right?

Originally from Afghanistan, Ali has now been living on Lesvos for the past year and three months with his family. He was first situated in the Olive Groves outside Moria camp and is now based in Kara Tepe camp. Despite the challenging situation in which Ali faces day in, day out, his rather spectacular instrument making skill is proof that his creativity is still burning bright.

So, how does he do it? Well, Ali goes into Mytiline town on Lesvos to purchase the necessary materials – wood, leather and paint cloth to be exact – in order build his instruments. He then heads to One Happy Family’s low-tech Makerspace to cut his wood and returns to Kara Tepe to build his instrument.

"Making instruments isn't my profession, but it's my passion," says Ali. "My dream [moving forward] is to host workshops in Kara Tepe to teach other residents how to make instruments, too."

We believe that dreams like Ali’s should become a reality. That’s why; we’re asking you, our Movers to help us to invest in the creativity of our residents on Lesvos so that we can make their dream projects come true.

You can make a contribution by clicking button below. On behalf Movement team, we thank you for investing in our projects and the creativity of our residents.


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