On this World Refugee Day 2021 we continue to honour the resilience of every human on the move.

“Imagine all the people sharing all the world”

At this very moment, somewhere in the world, more humans continue to flee their homes in search of safety. On this #WorldRefugeeDay2021, today, we continue to honour their resilience and courage in the face of all the challenges they endure during their travel or in their temporary reception centre.

You too can join our Movement and help us shed needed light on their status, fundamental rights, hopes and resilience. Join our advocacy efforts to help drive sustainable change with and for people on the move. You can also support our projects to help transform refugee camps into safe, healing and enabling environments while they wait for the 'Home' they came looking for.

Together, let us “Imagine all the people sharing all the world” and work towards this mission. A world without borders where every human forced from their home - no matter who they are or where they’re from - has the right too choose another place to call home where they feel recognised, included, safe and loved.

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