Our Camp To CampUs philosophy in action


This is Abdulmasave, an Afghani resident who lives in our Olive Grove campUs. He is also a resident volunteer and has been working with us for the last nine months under the guidance of our local Greek technical coordinator, Takis.

He has a heart of gold and hands of steel, two incredibly important assets that he brings to work everyday.

He is currently assisting with a very important project, constructing a wall in our Olive Grove campUs that will ensure the lower levels of housing stay safe and dry during the winter months ahead.

Thanks to the hardwork of our team on the ground, a section of the wall is already complete.

The assistance of residents, like Abdulmasave (in particular, his incredibly skills on the digging machine), is essential and has helped to speed up the process of this wall construction.

“He is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed, completing his tasks with a smile, and even some singing and dancing,” says Takis.

Alongside Takis, Abdulmasave is also working shoulder to shoulder with other resident volunteers, international MOTG volunteers and local Greek contractors to create a more humane and dignified environment within the Olive Grove campUs.

Work hard, yoga hard. That’s the moto, right?

The construction of this wall is just one example of a project that truly embodies our Camp to CampUs philosophy. It is a demonstration of how a culturally diverse group of people can come together, apply their skills, have some fun and create something that positively impacts a community in need.


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