Providing key relief on Samos Island


There are around 4000 people stranded in and around the Vathy camp on Samos island. With the Winter in full force, people are in need of intensified aid and support. The situation is overwhelming for everyone. 

Taking these circumstances into consideration Movement on the Ground has decided to extend it’s support from the island of Lesvos to the island of Samos, working with existing actors and authorities on the ground to provide key relief.  

This week we were able to make a key intervention in conjunction with the NGO Refugee4Refugee. Together we distributed over 800 Sheltersuits to women and children on the island. Sheltersuits are lifesaving extra insulated suited-jackets that are normally given to homeless people during winter time. We are grateful that the use of these suits will be extended to serve the needs of other equally vulnerable groups of people. We would like to thank the organization Sheltersuit for their kind donation - it makes a huge difference in the dire circumstances being experienced on the island.  

Apart from the harsh conditions of Winter, overcrowding is also currently an issue on Samos. Many people have found themselves living in makeshift structures. With the help of a large donation from our beloved Stichting Vluchteling, we have been able to provide men and women in this situation with sleeping bags. We thank again Stichting Vluchteling for this potentially lifesaving contribution.  

We see these interventions as the first steps, initial to a larger presence on the island of Samos for Movement On The Ground. But we believe that it is through the strength of collaborations like these that we will be able to provide sustainable aid to all stakeholders involved in the crisis on the Greek islands and implement our camp to campUS philosophy.

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