Ramadan on Lesvos


Muslims across the world celebrated the start of Ramadan earlier this week, the special holy month of the year in the Islamic calendar. It's during this time that Muslims gain a closer proximity to god, through extra prayer and fasting from dawn til dusk.

In Lesvos, where the weather currently averages between 18 – 22 degrees and the day light lasts around 14 hours, we know that fasting will be particularly challenging. To support our muslim community in our Kara Tepe CampUs and to celebrate this special time of year, we're working together with our partners the giving food truck to distribute extra booster packs of nutritious food. These are handed out at Iftar - the time in the evening when muslims break their fast - along with a breakfast given by Because We Carry. The packages will include things like dates, walnuts, fruit and bakhlava. Our coordinators also set up a lovely infused water bar, to give an extra special first drink of the day for our fasting residents.  

Here's some snapshots from the first Iftar of the month, at our Kara Tepe CampUs.  

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