Reflecting upon heartwarming old memories in Kara Tepe campUs


Family, friends, peace and spiritual healing is what the Muslim community celebrates during the Holy month of Ramadan. To them, #foodunites when they cherish their nightly Iftars together, sharing their traditional home-made meals.

For those living in camps on the Greek islands, daily Ramadan Iftars are experienced differently. At the end of a long fasting day – from early sunrise to late sunset – many residents prepare a meal using items directly on offer and it is shared in a tent. 

In Kara Tepe, we were determined to bring a true experience of Ramadan back to the resident community. Together with other organisations like Because We Carry,  locals and the Kara Tepe community itself, we enabled more safe, inclusive and nutritious Iftar’s for those fasting. And of course, a EID celebration at the end of the Ramadan month. 

Reflecting upon these heartwarming memories, we can’t thank enough all of those who made these evenings possible. Though Kara Tepe is no more, ‘The Giving Food Truck’ remains available online with locally-sourced food items that are ready to be donated to the residents of RIC Lesvos this Ramadan. 

Together, let's help create better memories for every human on the move during this month, for the years to come. #bythemwestand

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