Resident story: Meet Jamil


Normally you would catch Kara Tepe resident Jamil teaching his students in our digital learning labs, but on this day, duties looked a little differently for our resident volunteer…

Today is the 15th of Sha’ban, a significant day in the Islamic calendar and something that Jamil celebrates every year by treating his friends with food, juice and fruits. This year, Jamil wanted to celebrate the occasion with his fellow Kara Tepe residents, and so he went to the local store and purchased chocolate, sweets and biscuits for the whole community (that’s 1068 people)! 

“I wanted to do this for the residents because I want to celebrate with them and make them happy,” Jamil explains. “It is important for me to celebrate this day together and show a gesture of peace. I do it as I hope one day there will be peace in the whole world.”

Jamil working with our resident volunteer team to distribute some sweets and fruits to the youngest members of the Kara Tepe community.

After we heard about Jamil’s incredible act of kindness, we knew we had to help him fulfil his mission to share his sweet treats with the whole of Kara Tepe. So together, we went from isobox to isobox to deliver Jamil’s gifts and wish all the residents a happy celebration.

Saskia, our resident volunteer coordinator on Kara Tepe found the whole initiative completely heart warming and was very proud to have been able to stand alongside Jamil to make the distribution happen. Saskia said: “It was so amazing and humbling. Watching what Jamil did today was literally like watching the Camp to campUs philosophy in action!”

We are so grateful to have Jamil as a part of our MOTG community and greatly appreciate the initiative he takes as a community leader and uniter!

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