Samos: Vathy camp community to relocate to the new Reception and Identification Centre


Over the past two and half years, Movement On The Ground has played an active role relieving the situation for all involved in and around Vathy camp on Samos. Recognising the dire hygienic conditions, particularly in the surroundings of the camp, our mission on Samos started with a community-based waste and hygiene improvement program. 

Our presence expanded to identifying and referring unaccompanied minors to receive education, housing and legal support. We set up a community-based sports program, provided emergency relief in several crisis situations, engaged in large NFI distributions and very recently a WASH program. All of these programs and services provided in collaboration with the Vathy camp community and together with other organisations on the ground. 

Now, Vathy camp is set to close, with the remaining population of the camp to be relocated to a newly built Reception and Identification Centre on the island. In light of this, Movement On The Ground has taken the decision to be present in the new reception centre to provide services and programs that will improve the overall livelihood and address the specific needs of the community.

The relocation and transfer of the people to the new reception centre are not within our mandate and remain under the responsibility of the Ministry of Migration, UNHCR and other designated organisations. We will however continue to support the community of Vathy camp within our capacity and in any way we can during this transition period, following our #camptocampUs approach.

We understand the situation comes with challenges for all involved and therefore trust to provide a constructive contribution as we have been doing the past years on Lesvos, Samos and Chios.

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