Summerization in five questions.


Summer is only a few months away on Lesvos. We’ve renewed our Summerization campaign to help us prepare for the serious challenges the warm seasons pose for our residents. We’ve broken down our campaign in five simple questions, to help you understand why we’re raising money and why contributions are needed so urgently. 

What is summer like for the MOTG CampUs residents on Lesvos?

While the Greek islands are an idyllic holiday location for some people during the summer, the climate can be life threatening for our residents as temperatures get as hot as 38 degrees throughout July and August. In this kind of weather, children, who makeup around 40% of the refugee population on Lesvos become particularly vulnerable. Without air-conditioning or electric fans, overheating is not just annoying, it's serious. 
Day-light hours are also, much longer in the Summer. Our residents tend to leave their warm tents, for the slightly cooler outdoors. We have a lot more activities to keep them engaged and involved in the daily life of the CampUs community. This means they need things like sun-screen and insect repellant to protect them from the sunshine and many insects on the island. 
Which items is MOTG raising money for and Why these items? 
We sat down with our team, to decide on the basis of our experience, what the most urgently needed items were. We kept in mind the climate, the demographic of our residents, their activity, as well as what we could already provide them with. 
Flip-flops and cool-spots help our residents keep cool while they spend time outside of their tents. While electric fans are there to keep temperatures down when they’re inside. And insect repellant is for the mosquitoes that tend to be everywhere! 
Why not take donations?
A core part of our philosophy is making sure we give back to our greek host community. This means investing in their local economy, by purchasing as much as we can on the island. Keeping shipping at a low also reduces our environmental footprint.  
What can someone do to help?
If you want to ensure our residents live a dignified and healthy summer on Lesvos, you can make a contribution now via our Summerization donation page. The great thing is, we let you decide what your money goes towards!  

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