The Big Winter Donation!


Winters on Lesvos have known to be quite harsh, so, together with Because we Carry, we’re collecting clothes to help the stranded people on Lesvos get through winter. Since people are  staying in tents and sleeping on frozen grounds, it’s crucial to at least have a winter jacket and shoes. So, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The things we urgently need:

  • Winter jackets for men and women & child
  • Winter shoes (Timberlands, Moonboots, etc.) size 21-45
  • Ski suits for the little ones (0-6 years old)

While we can’t thank you enough for donating and helping us execute our mission to help as many people as possible, we ask for you to please take the following into consideration before you donate:

  1. We are ONLY collecting winter jackets and winter shoes, please make sure you do not send other items.
  2. We will ONLY send items that are in good condition because we believe residents deserve it! So please donate jackets and shoes that are in good condition!
  3. Each item goes in separate boxes; Jackets for men in one box, shoes for men in one box, jackets for women in one box, shoes for children in one box, and so on. This makes it easier for the team on the ground to distribute items quicker and easier.
  4. On Saturday, 10th and Sunday, 11th of November, you can take you donations to the nearest collection address in your area. Or you can take it to our collection point in Weesp on Friday 16th and Saturday 17h of November.

This Winter, we want to make it easier for our donors to donate, therefore, we are planning to create collection points all around the Netherlands. Collection points will be in each neighborhood which makes it easier for donors to drop off their donations! Do you want to help us by becoming a collector? We would really appreciate that!

Before applying to be a collector, please read the following carefully:

  •  Make sure you are available all day on Saturday, November 10th and Sunday, November 10th for people to bring their collection to you.
  •  Understand that this is a huge responsibility, but also a mega-loving task that you take   on.
  •  Check everything that comes to you. Is it neat, clean, has no holes and smells like flowers? Perfect! If not, don’t accept it!
  •  Bring your collections to Weesp on Friday, November 16th and Saturday, November 17th

If all the points above are applicable to you, please send us an email to , we can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you all so much! Let’s hope this campaign is a success and we can keep as many people warm as we can this Winter!

Please keep a look out for more information on our Instagram and Facebook page. We always post different items that we need for the people on Lesvos. To make money donations, click here. We appreciate any kind of help you can give us. Winter is coming!

Size-division Chart

Please separate your items at the collection point; for example, all the male S jackets go in one bag, while jackets for boys aged 1-2 go in another bag. (So all items are separated correctly when they reach the island).
Also, please tie the shoe laces together or tie it together with an elastic band.

Winter jackets

  • M (man) S = seperate bag
  • M / M = seperate bag
  • M / L & XL = seperate bag
  • XL is not much needed. 
  • W (women) S = seperate bag
  • W / M = seperate bag
  • W / L & XL = seperate bag
  • XL is not much needed. 
  • B (boys) 0 = seperate bag
  • B / 1-2 = seperate bag
  • B / 3-5 = seperate bag
  • B / 6-8 = seperate bag
  • B / 9-12 = seperate bag
  • B 13 + = seperate bag
  • G (girls) 0 = seperate bag
  • G / 1-2 = seperate bag
  • G / 3-5 = seperate bag
  • G / 6-8 = seperate bag
  • G / 9-12 = seperate bag
  • G 13 + = seperate bag


The shoes go in a bag per two sizes and are sorted by Men - Women - Boys & Girls 21-22 / 23-24 / 25-26 / 27-28 / 29-30 / 31-32 / 32-33 etc ...... ...

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