The new European migration pact is a fact!


Being deeply involved in Greece, we have lived and witnessed the injustice and deteriorating impact the European migration crisis has had on the Greek islands and the people stuck on their plight to safety and security.

Long have we warned that polarizing policies, containment strategies and lack of a human-centered vision would result in an untenable situation with all its consequences. Continuously pitching to deaf ears, our cynicism towards political change and hope for better days, grew over the years.

As a new migration pact was announced and in light of the dramatic fire of Moria camp, Europe's largest and most infamous refugee camp, hope came up again. This could be a defying moment if our European political leaders would go for radical change. This should be the moment that we as European Union would show to the rest of the world that saving lives and protecting people will be at the heart of our responses, at all times!

Listening to the announcement of the new migration pact made us realize very quickly that once again we failed...

Claims like ,"more efficient and faster procedures" and "fair sharing of responsibility and solidarity amongst EU member states" are shallow statements as we have been hearing them for 5 years. 

Statements as "the Commission proposes a system of flexible contributions from the Member States"  leaves EU member states able to buy of their responsibility rather than to act on the principles of saving lives and protecting people NOW!  

Commitments to "monitor border abuses" are needless to say, we would have wanted to hear "deals' with abusive governments would stop NOW!

"Today's 'new' migration pact, unfortunately once again, validates our presence and existence on the ground"

Today's "new" migration pact, unfortunately once again, validates our presence and existence on the ground. It is clear that the past 5 years did not change the hearts and minds of our European political leaders in the moment we are living now. Nevertheless we will continue compassionately and relentlessly doing what our mission is about... touching the lives of the people on the ground.

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