The power of dignifying the distribution process


Dignity, it’s a fundamental part of a human being’s sense of self-worth. It makes people feel that they deserve respect and honour from other human beings.

However, when you have over 10,000 people living inside a camp that is in dire need of improvements and upgrades, this sense of dignity can easily fall by the wayside.

In order to increase a sense of dignity inside and around the Moria camp on Lesvos, we at Movement on the Ground (MOTG) apply our Camp to CampUs philosophy, to make sure residents feel as safe and cared for as possible.

It was with our Camp to CampUs philosophy in mind, that earlier this year, we decided to restructure the way we distributed food and water in our Olive Groves. We realised that long queues and extensive waiting hours were having a significant impact on the quality of life of our Olive Grove residents. In order to dignify this process, we decided to create a new, more community-based approach to food and water distribution (you can read the full story here).

Now, we have used this model as a base for our latest shoes and socks distribution in our Olive Grove.

Volunteers on the move for a full day of distribution.

With winter on the way, we knew that we had to prepare our residents for the coolder temperatures and shoes and socks were the perfect way to ensure their feet keep warm and dry during the harsh months ahead.

So, a group of MOTG volunteers decided to visit each resident in our Olive Grove, collecting and documenting their shoe size and tent location. With this information collected, our volunteers were able to create a thorough distribution plan and prepared packages that could be delivered tent-to-tent.

Measuring the foot sizes of residents to ensure everyone receives the right size shoes. 

 Collecting information for the packaging and distribution process.

Not only did this approach ensure for a faster and more accurate distribution of goods, but enhanced a sense of dignity, leaving residents feeling more respected and cared for. The model has also enhanced the sense of community in the Olive Grove, with residents and volunteers able to facilitate and build stronger relationships.

Nothing but big smiles and many thanks from the residents of the Olive Grove.

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