The Student Hotel makes an impact on Samos


In 2 shifts of 15 people each, employees of The Student Hotel Amsterdam are travelling to Samos. The goal: make as big of an impact as possible in our waste program, and teambuilding! While the second group of volunteers has arrived on Samos this week, we caught up with Rachel, who was on Samos last week. 

Hi Rachel, what struck you most when you visited Samos?
"Apart from the situation in the camp, which is harrowing, it was how the locals are struggling. That's not something you would immediately think of, because most attention goes to the refugees, but for the Greek people this is also a terrible situation."

And in the camps? 
"The lack of basic facilities. I mean, how difficult can it be to install a few portable toilets and showers?"

How did you experience the waste program we've set up?
"It was tough, and hot, but also very rewarding because you immediately see the result of your work. With 15 people, we collected 600 bags filled with 130 liters of waste. So, in total something like 75.000 liters of waste. 

At the end of the day, if you see the work you've all done collectively, it gives everyone a very nice feeling."

How did you experience this trip with your colleagues?
"It was actually a very good experience! You really forge a bond in the Greek sun, and of course we also had a lot of fun while we were there. Now, when you see someone you shared this expedition with at the coffee machine, it's different than before."

Would you recommend other companies to do the same?
"Definitely! I think (and hope) that we will do it again as well. We had over 70 applicants, and only room for 30 this time. It is nice to contribute to a good cause together."

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